Reducing Time, Money and Stress for Turnkey Athletic Construction Projects

February 13, 2019 / Athletic AdministrationFootballSoccerTrack & Field
{Sponsored} When the Mexico Academy & Central School District (MACS) in northern New York launched the initiative to construct a new athletic stadium, they knew they’d face some unique hurdles.

The timeline of this project was critical, especially considering that the stadium is extensively used by students, staff and the community. In addition to sports such as lacrosse, track, soccer, tennis and football, the stadium is used for graduation, marching band and physical education classes. It’s also located in the center of town and is heavily utilized by the community. If the project could not be completed by the fall, MACS would lose the use of its stadium for over a year.

The scope of the project included: Replacing a natural grass field with turf field, widening the field to accommodate multiple sports, replacing the track and creating an eight-lane chute for a six-lane track, replacing the scoreboard, installing tennis and basketball courts, upgrading the lighting, and adding additional parking.

While revising the stadium plans, MACS Superintendent Sean Bruno was introduced to Keystone Purchasing Network (KPN). The KPN is a cooperative purchasing group geared toward helping schools have the best experience and pricing when working on construction and renovation initiatives.

Mexico Academy & Central School District StadiumBy utilizing the KPN contracts and eliminating the typical negative aspects associated with the bid process, the athletic stadium was completed ahead of schedule and on budget with no costly change orders or delays. Achieving their goal, the stadium was finished and operational by fall. “As a result of utilizing KPN, we have completed our stadium project on time and on budget for the first time in MACS history,” Bruno said.

“We experienced the typical construction surprises. However, the companies under KPN resolved them quickly and effectively without delays or cost overruns. All of the companies and their employees were very helpful supportive and easy to work with,” Bruno continued.

The KPN has specific benefits for schools and other nonprofits:

  1. The KPN works with schools at no cost to the institutions to help overcome budget constraints by utilizing pre-negotiated pricing from the KPN contracts already in existence.
  2. Schools get to work with experienced manufactures and builders who understand all types of facilities — that the KPN has pre-vetted on the behalf of all members of the group.
  3. The KPN does not charge a fee to schools and nonprofits that join their group, and those schools and nonprofits aren’t obligated to make a purchase once they’ve joined.
  4. Working with the KPN eliminates the time-consuming consumer bid processes involving inexperienced vendors.

By working with the KPN contract, schools can work with industry leading manufacturers and service providers resulting in best-in-class athletic facilities. This provides them with a superior finished product.

“In my 22 years of service on the MACS Board of Education, I can never recall a construction project that went as smoothly as this athletic stadium phase, which utilized KPN and their vendors,” said Jim Emery, president of MACS Board of Education.

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