Poll: Do high school sports need replay reviews?

August 16, 2016 / Athletic AdministrationCoaching
In July, Coach & Athletic Director asked readers whether high school sports need instant replay reviews or coach challenges. Earlier this year, Alabama began experimenting with replay challenges in high school football, but permanent implementation would require approval by the National Federation of State High School Associations.

ReplayPollHere are the results of our poll, along with some of the comments.

• There are enough controversial calls that cause fans and coaches to behave inappropriately, without adding overturned calls and delays for fans to get more exciteable. Referees live in the community they work and some fans and coaches have difficulty drawing the line that allows for safety and security for all, as it is now with no replays. Also, equipment and expense for this process may be cost prohibitive.

This is not the pros who have unlimited funds to set up such equipment. Does anyone really think a 1A/2A school is going to be able to do this?

The high school level of play should be left alone. The high school game is being change so much by the college and pro game, to me has gotten away from what high school ball should be.

I would consider replay / review only on last second / game deciding plays of district & play-off games. At issue of course, is how feasible is replay? Where is it situated? Who is responsible for providing the replay? Is it possible to provide multiple angles on a disputed play at the high school level? What happens if the system is not functioning properly? Do coaches have the option to waive replay if both are in favor of doing so? A lot of dynamics to consider in this case; probably so many considerations that replay would not be practical or possible. 

Camera angles would be inconsistent between schools. Would be an added athletic cost that some programs could not absorb.

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