March/April Coach And Athletic Director to Offer Digital Edition Complement

February 15, 2013 / Coaching
The editors of Coach And Athletic Director are excited to unveil an all-new Digital Edition complement to the print magazine in March/April. This new technology further shares actionable information (including video and other e-media content) among the team sports coaching and administrative community.

The new Digital Edition utilizes QuadGraphics’ latest—but proven—technology in e-publishing and content sharing. Print subscribers (qualified through the CADHPS1 demographic modeling system) will receive the Digital Edition as a complement to their print edition, while other registered users of the Coach and Athletic Director website (www.coachad.com) can now receive the full issue content for the first time at no charge. Registration is FREE at http://coachadirector.wpengine.com/pages/Site-Registration.php

The March/April edition of Coach And Athletic Director focuses on the all-important theme of managing finances in the 21st century, including budgets, fundraising, pay for play and increasing student-athlete participation.

About Lessiter Publications’ Team Sports Division
Founded by Frank and Pam Lessiter in 1981, the firm has served the team sports market since 1996 and subsequently launched and acquired several titles. Today, the Lessiter Publications Team Sports Division consists of three print publications (Coach And Athletic Director, Winning Hoops and The Real AAU), three e-publications (Team Sports Strategies, 94 Feet and Full Court Press) and two websites (www.coachad.com and www.winninghoops.com).

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