Hazing allegations surround Kentucky HS baseball team

April 13, 2015 / Athletic AdministrationBaseballCoaching
Five athletes on the Highlands High School (Fort Thomas, Kentucky) baseball team were reportedly suspended after dousing one of their teammates in urine during a hazing ritual.

baseballFOX19 in Cincinnati cited a parent of one of the players, who said the victim quit the team and the players responsible for the hazing were suspended for at least three days. The school has refused to comment on actions against the players or coaches.

The source also said that the coach told players to delete any video or pictures they took of the hazing.

From FOX19:

A parent of one of the kids involved told FOX19 NOW that five baseball players are accused of urinating in a bottle last week while at a baseball tournament in Myrtle Beach, warming it in the microwave and dousing another player with it.

It’s unclear whether the athletes are still suspended from the team. If reports about the coach ordering players to delete evidence of the hazing is true, it goes without saying that he should be strictly punished. Ignorance of your team’s behavior is one thing, but going out of your way to cover up what’s happening in your program is entirely different.

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