Football Game Canceled Due To Safety, School To Celebrate Homecoming With Field Hockey

September 30, 2011 / FootballHockey

Annapolis Area Christian School’s football team was scheduled to play its homecoming game tonight against St. John’s-Catholic Prep, but the Frederick team has suffered so many injuries in recent weeks that it cannot safely field a team this week and has forfeited the game to AACS.
Both schools are small and don’t have huge football rosters, so Annapolis Area athletic director Jim Domoracki said he understands the situation. “You have to keep safety first,” Domoracki said. “We’ve played them in all sports in many seasons, and it’s just one of those crazy situations.” They feel terrible about it, but we understand. You have to make the best of a tough situation. It could very easily happen to us.”
Homecoming, however, will go on. The game and its surrounding festivities were scheduled to be held at Arundel’s turf field. Now, the field hockey game between the Eagles and Pallotti will serve as the homecoming centerpiece. It will be played in place of the football game tonight at 7 at Arundel. With the forfeit, the Eagles improve to 4-1 overall and remain 2-0 in the Maryland Interscholastic Athletic Association B Conference. St. John’s is in the C Conference.

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