Arena video boards benefit CCHS curriculum

September 20, 2018 / Athletic AdministrationBasketballVolleyballWrestling
Teca Maxwell, Sportable Scoreboards’ marketing manager for Score Rewards, presents $1,000 check inside Rocket Arena to Crittenden County High School student Skyler James, and systems engineer Don Winters. The annual contribution through the Score Rewards program is used to help train students on how to use the video displays and assist the instructor. At CCHS, Winters is the instructor and James is the principal student operator of the tow video boards inside their gym.

{Sponsored} The two large video boards inside Rocket Arena are earning Crittenden County High School (CCHS) money to put toward operating and operators to use these units. That’s because Score Rewards, a division of Sportable Scoreboards in Murray, Kentucky, provides several hundred dollars in annual scholarships to schools who utilize the technology.

Score Rewards offers video displays, scoreboards, and scorer’s tables to schools for at no cost because the associated costs are funded by advertisers with their names on static panels around the video display as well as on digital ads shown on the video board. The advertisers and schools are in a partnership with Score Rewards.

“This program is designed to help each school create a dynamic, effective fan experience using students to operate the video display,” said Teca Maxwell, Score Rewards marketing manager. “Score Rewards will provide $1,000 annually toward a scholarship fund to help each school to create and manage content for their own video displays, which will be operated by both students and their instructors. Both video displays were placed in Rocket Arena the fall of 2015. CCHS was the first recipient of the scholarship program that started this year with Score Rewards. The school is eligible for the scholarship as long as the school is in partnership with Score Rewards.

Maxwell said Score Rewards instructs each school on how to enhance the fan experience using the video display at every event, including athletics, school ceremonies like graduation, prom, pep rallies, speakers, fundraisers like movie night or trivia nights and public functions like the annual services honoring veterans.

Students get to create digital content with hands-on instruction provided by Score Rewards staff. And those teens may be financially compensated and/or receive class credit for their time and effort explains Maxwell, while also gaining invaluable exposure to television and digital production.

Crittenden County High School is in its fourth year of partnership with Score Rewards. For this school year, CCHS will offer a broadcasting and journalism class and the video displays will be incorporated into the curriculum.

“The students will create ads, create content, operate the video camera and video display at events in the gym,” said Don Winters, CCHS systems engineer and staff supervisor of the Rocket Arena video displays.

Skyler James is typically the high school’s student-operator of the video display. He also creates content for events that use the video display.

Winters said that during a sporting event in a gym, the crowd is the sixth man and the video displays is the seventh man.

“The video display energizes the crowd,” Winters said.

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