A Centerpiece for the Sun Devils [SPONSORED]

July 29, 2020 / Facilities
Before the 2019 season, Arizona State had a vision for sending the ASU football team onto the field with a winning frame of mind. They were looking to create a centerpiece logo mat for the hallway outside the team locker room at Sun Devil Stadium, with the message of “Leave It On The Grass” printed on the mat.

Facility Armor provided the solution. They understood the purpose of the mat and designed the graphics to represent the passion that head coach Herm Edwards has passed on to his players.

Photo: Arizona State University athletics

And Facility Armor knew the other factors involved in making this investment in the football facility. They addressed the durability and storage concerns after sending samples to Assistant Director of Football Operations Markus Alleyne.

The company’s experience and expertise in equipping athletic facilities paid huge dividends. As an example, the Sun Devils were considering a 15’ wide x 48’ long mat for the hallway space, but after showing Alleyne the material to be used, he agreed that it would much better to go with a 13’ 5” wide mat as this would avoid any need to seam multiple rolls together, creating a stronger final product. Also, this proved to be a much better value financially, because the athletic department would not be paying for any wasted material.

“Facility Armor was great to work with because they took the time to help us flesh out our vision,” Alleyne said. “We went into the process having an idea of what we wanted, and they were patient enough to go through proof after proof. They were able to fulfill our orders even while that process was being completed. That was crucial as we needed the mat for our 2019 home opener. 

centerpiece“The hallway mat leading to the field entrance is one of the centerpieces of our game day environment,” Alleyne continued. “When the mat comes out on the hallway before the game is about to begin, our players know it’s time to leave it on the grass.”

The Facility Armor installation at Sun Devil Stadium quickly made an impression with other Arizona State coaches. In early 2020, the company created a customized mat for head baseball coach Tracy Smith — incorporating the program’s unique logo — that went smoothly from start to finish. Facility Armor worked the team’s logo into a special center mat for their indoor training area, which has resulted in a greater sense of purpose and team spirit for the ASU players.

“Jobs like this are what really get me excited about what we do,” said Robbie Plett, founder of Facility Armor. “When we can engage with the client, provide valuable advice to help them better realize their vision, then finish with the delivery of a final product that makes an impact on everyone, I know we’re doing something special here.”

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