Rebound, closeout, contested shot drill From George Singleton, head boys coach, Hillcrest High School, Simpsonville, South Carolina

This drill involves three very important aspects of the game:

  1. Rebounding
  2. Closeout
  3. Contested shot


DIAGRAM 1: Players line up under the basket, with a player at both elbows and a third player, or “shooter,” located 2 feet off the low block.


DIAGRAM 2: X1 passes to X2. As soon as X1 makes the pass to X2, they go to closeout player X3.

X2 passes to X3. X2 then goes to contest X4.

X3, after receiving a pass from X2, passes to X4 for the shot.


DIAGRAM 3: X2 will closeout under control, call for the ball or shot with hands up, then turn and seal.

X1 is closing out to box out X3.

X3 can work on gaining position for the offensive rebound.


  • X1 goes to X2.
  • X2 goes to X3.
  • X3 goes to X4.
  • X4 (shooter) goes to the back of the line.