1-on-5 defensive closeout drill brings the heat From Jim Montijo, Iver C. Ranum High School, Denver

This defensive closeout drill has a coach on the baseline holding a basketball, a defensive player set up under the hoop in help-side position, and five offensive players who are spaced evenly along the perimeter.

DIAGRAM 1: To start the drill, the coach throws a pass to any of the five offensive players. The defender must closeout hard on player who receives the pass.

DIAGRAM 2: The offensive player is allowed three dribbles to try to beat the defender to the basket. The two players go 1-on-1 until the offensive player scores or the defender gets a stop.

DIAGRAM 3: On any made basket or rebound, the ball is handed back to the coach and he or she throws the ball back out to another offensive player. The defender must hustle over to close out, and the drill continues.

Running this drill for two minutes is physically demanding on the defender and is a great conditioner.