‘Marquette’ shooting From Justin Remington, Martin Luther King High School, Riverside, California

DIAGRAM 1: Players line up at the top of the key and the first three players in line have basketballs. 1 dribbles to the right elbow and shoots while 2 dribbles to the left elbow and shoots. Both players get their own rebounds. As they are doing so, 3 dribbles at the right elbow and shoots (players always go to the opposite elbow as the player in front of them).

DIAGRAM 2: As the players rebound their own shots, they form an outlet line in the corner. A rebounder passes to the outlet person, who then passes to the coach and hustles back in line.

Once the ball gets to the coach, the next person in line runs full speed toward an elbow, receives the pass from the coach and shoots. They then get their own rebound and pass to the outlet line. The pattern continues for the duration of the drill, which lasts three minutes.

This drill is done with three basketballs, so communication is important. Hustling also is important in order to get as many shot attempts as possible. For my team, the players have three minutes to make 30 shots. You can adjust accordingly depending on your team’s abilities.