‘Bench-Sprints Drill’ stresses efficiency during timeouts From Wayne Walter, former head men's coach, Thaddeus Stevens College, Lancaster, Pennsylvania

This fun and creative drill was designed because we lost too much time during timeouts getting players on/off the floor. This drill helps set up an organized regimen in a light-hearted yet efficient manner.

You can modify the drill to match your bench decorum and league rules for time outs. We modify the drill when we’re preparing for road games. We know that items such as the water cooler may be in a different area. This drill is a fun way to end practices.

Bench-Sprints Drill

A. The drill begins with five players on the end of the floor opposite to your team’s designated bench area running through a pattern offense 5-on-0. At any time, the coach can call for a time out. On the coach’s time-out signal, your players must sprint toward their bench and sit down in the first five chairs. This must be done in less than 5 seconds.

B. Your entire coaching staff must huddle-up. Do it in front of the bench, far enough outward for the players to get organized and seated. From time-to-time, mix things up. Have different coaches go to the scorer’s table to talk to an official, check up on a player’s pseudo injury or check the scorebook.

C. The five bench players (either the second unit or a mix of first and second teamers) who were sitting in the first five seats must sprint to the water station, get a cup of water and hustle to bring it to the players who are seated (and without spilling). They are to hand the water to the seated players from behind the bench.

D. The rest of the team must gather behind the coaches as they approach the seated five players and form a team huddle around the coaches and players.