September 20, 2009

Emphasizing passing, catching fundamentals reduces turnovers

One of the most under-taught skills in the game today is how to catch the basketball. To truly develop these skills, fundamentals need to be emphasized on a daily basis. Each time our team takes... more »
September 20, 2009

Statistical Analysis: To Hack Or Not To Hack-A-Shaq

IN MY 31 YEARS of coaching basketball I repeatedly heard the phrase "Never foul the jump shooter." At first glance the statement seems reasonable. If a jump shooter with a 50-percent field-goal percentage takes 10... more »
September 20, 2009

Developing consistency throughout all levels of your program

It's a must for varsity coaches to take an active part in developing players during their early years of competitive play. This gives all players a head start when they reach the high-school level. It's... more »
September 20, 2009

Reversing the ball makes half-court offenses tough to defend

One of the most dramatic things a coach can do to improve his or her team's half-court offense is to teach and reinforce effective reversal of the ball. Failure to consistently reverse the ball results... more »
September 20, 2009

A comprehensive, five-week preseason running program

Our fall preseason running program is designed to give all prospective players an opportunity to get into good physical condition. It also prepares their bodies for basketball tryouts in November and the long season that... more »
September 20, 2009

S.O.S. — Save our sportsmanship

The state of sportsmanship in today's athletic culture is at an all-time low. Headlines regarding embarrassing or unethical behavior and shameful violence have become commonplace. The National Alliance for Youth Sports estimates that 15 percent... more »
September 20, 2009

Properly developing player leadership

Vince Lombardi once said, "Leaders are made, not born." In our program, we believe this statement and work hard to put it into action. The most important part of a basketball program is the kids.... more »
September 20, 2009

Promoting your girls basketball program

Getting fans in the stands can be difficult for any basketball program. But getting fans in the stands for your girls basketball program may present even more of a challenge. Patrick E. Auerbach, director of... more »
September 18, 2009

Stressing post fundamentals in your program

So many factors are critical in having a team that's competitive, game-in and game-out. But perhaps none are more important than being fundamentally strong in the post. This doesn't necessarily mean that you need to... more »