Drill to help players stay low, be quick, score From Melissa L. Hodgdon, contributing writer

It seems like a lot of players have trouble staying low, not only on defense but also on offense.

This drill was created for postseason workouts with perimeter players — especially taller guards who have a tendency to dribble high, stand up, etc. The repetition of this drill improves body position, quickness and ball handling. It creates good habits that can increase perimeter player scoring opportunities.

You need four cones to use as obstacles. Only two or three players should be at one basket. It’s a simple drill, but when executed correctly it can make an immediate impact on all your players. Slower players may need to start with more distance between the cones.

Drill objectives

  • Work on player’s ball handling.
  • Maintain a low body position.
  • Execute a quick change of direction.
  • Create scoring opportunities.

Points of emphasis

  • Stay low, keep the dribble low.
  • Quick change of direction, exploding to score.
  • Keep eyes focused on the rim.
  • Perform at game speed.
  • Maintain balance when pulling up for a jump shot.


DIAGRAM 1: X makes a pull-back crossover move on cone 1. Dribble with the left hand toward cone 2, and make a low, hard crossover or behind-the-back dribble to move past cone 2. Dribble with the right hand toward cone 3, execute a hard crossover or behind-the-back move, and explode with one hard dribble to score. Repeat this 15 times, mixing up the directions and moves.


DIAGRAM 2: X makes a pull-back crossover move on cone 1. Dribble with right hand to cone 3, execute a low, hard crossover or behind-the-back move by cone 4. Dribble with left hand to cone 3, make a move, explode past the cone, and pull up for a jump shot. Continue this drill 15 times, taking jumpers from the right and left.


DIAGRAM 3: Do the same as with the two previous drills, but after making your offensive move past cone 2 or 4, pull up and shoot a 3-pointer over cone 3. Repeat the drill 15, times taking 15 3-pointers each.