Tubby Smith’s sideline out-of-bounds From Tubby Smith, contributing writer

Tubby Smith SLOB diagram 1This is a sideline inbounds play that coaches can use in any situations.

DIAGRAM 1: 3 takes the ball out on the side, while the guards (1 and 2) line up in the lane. 5 lines up on the ball side near the 3-point line. 4 positions up top beyond the 3-point circle.

Tubby Smith SLOB diagram 2DIAGRAM 2: 1 breaks up and screens for 4, then rolls to the top of the 3-point circle. 4 uses 1’s screen and cuts hard to the basket. 5 screens in for 2, who rolls underneath the screen and pops out behind the 3-point line in the ball-side corner.

3 looks for a lob pass to 4 breaking toward the basket or hits 2 in the corner. 2 can either shoot a 3-pointer or dump it in to 5 on the low block for a post-up shot. 1 rolls to the top and acts as a safety outlet for the inbounds passer.

Tubby Smith SLOB diagram 3DIAGRAM 3: If there’s no initial shot, 3 inbounds to the safety outlet (1). 1 takes the inbounds pass and dribbles to the left.

While 1 is dribbling left, 4 pops out behind the 3-point line at the free-throw line extended. 5 and 2 break up and set staggered screens for 3. 1 passes to 4. 3 can come either over the top or underneath the staggered screens and cut toward the basket. 4 looks for 3 on either cut to the basket.

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