Dribble Drive Motion Offense-The Book on DDM and the little things to it Download

I just finished putting the finishing touches on my latest eBook:  Dribble Drive Motion Offense: “The Book on DDM and the little things to it”.  I get asked questions all the time about Dribble Drive Motion Offense especially since it has only been around for the general coaching community about three years.  DDM  has increased in it’s popularity since John Calipari started using it at Memphis and now Kentucky.  I have just tried to answer some of the questions about DDM that I get.

Table of Contents:

Breakdown and Drop Zones

Rack and Drag Zones

All zones on the court

Positions in the half court

Simple Offensive Basics

Clinic Notes that have never been released on Vance Walberg, John Calipari, and Chucky Martin.

DDM Entry Sets:  Two and Three Digit sets

Bonus Footage:  DDM vs. Sagging Man Defense

Bonus Footage:  DDM vs. Zones

It is basically a eBook that covers all the little things that will make DDM run a lot better.  I have tried to cover most of the problems that people have.  It is basically “DDM for Dummies”, but with tons of details. 

 I hope that this eBook helps you out.  The bonus footage of DDM vs. Sagging Man Defense / Zones  is just that.  It has about three or four plays for both.  I have some exciting news coming in the coming weeks about “DDM vs. sagging man defense / zone defense”.