April 1, 2015 • CoachingStrength & Conditioning

Video: Coaching, mentoring and leadership in the weight room

In February, Michigan State University hosted a strength and conditioning clinic that offered some great insight for those in the team sports industry.

Ken Mannie, head strength and conditioning coach at MSU and Coach & Athletic Director columnist, gave the opening presentation, and that video is shared below. It’s nearly 45-minutes long, but when you have some time after a long day we suggest sitting down and giving it a look. Mannie, who has decades of experience in the industry, shares some great thoughts.

The video, titled “Coaching, Mentoring and Leadership in the Weight Room” is relevant whether you’re a strength coach or not.

A few of Mannie’s comments:

“I am more proud of the fact that I can call myself a coach and the kids call me coach, that’s more important than anything. Be proud of that. I think the coaching profession is one of the most commendable, admirable and important professions, as difficult as it is in this day and age because of the landscape.”

“Inspire yourself and make it a point to inspire others around you. You’re in a profession where you have the ability to inspire people in their lives.”

“Do at least one thing to help the profession and those in it — contribute.”

“Send at least one hand-written note, congratulations or support. I’m not talking email and I’m not talking text. … Never underestimate the power and impact of a hand-written note.”

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