July 13, 2010 • Football

Iowa football coach Kirk Ferentz shares WR blocking drills

Ferentz WR1

Players in Kirk Ferentz’s Iowa football program need to be multi-dimensional. To add to his wide receivers’ (WR) skill base, Ferentz uses the following seven blocking drills.

DIAGRAM 1: Stalk vs. DB. The defensive back makes three moves from side to side, then presses. The WR stays down the middle, keeps the void and fits up.


Ferentz WR2DIAGRAM 2: Cut Drill. The WR cuts and rolls through the bag.





Ferentz WR3

DIAGRAM 3: Cutoff Drill. The WR beats the DB to the cutoff point and cuts the bag.




Ferentz WR4DIAGRAM 4: Back blocking. The WR goes in motion, comes back and stutters in the guard-tackle gap. The WR gets “on balance” and pushes off the up-field foot to block the end. The WR forces the DE to come around him.


Ferentz WR5DIAGRAM 5: Monkey roll — cut bag. Three WRs start on their knees. The drill begins with them monkey rolling. The coach calls out the names of two WRs and they cut the bags. The third WR comes forward.


Ferentz WR6DIAGRAM 6: Full-field cut bags. This is a 100-yard conditioning drill. Place a bag on the hash at every 25 yards. The WR cuts at each bag and proceeds to the next.






Ferentz WR7

DIAGRAM 7: Block downfield after catch. The WRs starts with their backs to the coach. On the coach’s call, the WRs turn. The coach throws to one of the WRs, and the other WR has to block the DB who is standing 10 yards from them in the middle of the field. The WR who caught the ball makes his cut off the other WR’s block.

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