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Greg Malling: Arrowhead Football Philosophy & Statement Of Purpose

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The following provides the foundation upon which the Arrowhead football program is built.

The Arrowhead Football Program believes the sport of football is an important part of the overall educational process. Participation in the football program is a privilege available to all eligible students.

The program strives to develop a student’s positive values and habits so that personal growth and development occurs. Preparing students to succeed as adults is a primary priority of the football program. Our program teaches young people values and lifelong skills such as, accountability, sportsmanship, confidence, leadership skills, organizational skills, persistence, work ethic, self-discipline, social skills, teamwork, performing under pressure, the ability to take instruction and striving for excellence. All levels of our program are designed with the development of these qualities in mind.

Successful competitive performance in combination with educational consideration provides the cornerstone for our football program. At the varsity level in particular, full efforts are made to win the various competitions. Within this framework, however, all athletes are given ample opportunity to demonstrate their skill levels in order to earn starting positions on the various teams. Within their roles as team members, athletes accept that learning to effectively cope with successes; long hours may be spent in practice with no guarantee of participation in games; self-discipline and cooperation with others are integral parts of competition.

To provide opportunities which allow the program to be viewed as a learning laboratory where students may experience problems and situations similar to those that may be encountered in adult life. The laboratory should provide adequate and natural opportunities for students to grow as follows:

1. Develop physically, mentally, emotionally and socially.

2. Develop such concepts as loyalty, cooperation, fair play, dedication, and self- discipline through team play.

3. Develop special skills appropriate for football and the student’s physical ability.

4. Develop self-motivation, excellence, responsibility, and academic development.

5. Develop worthy use of leisure time in later life, either as a participant or spectator.

6. Develop wholesome attitudes toward competition and sportsmanship

7. Develop the ability to make the best choices with their time and energy.

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