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Elevating the Fan Experience: How to Take Your College to the Next Level with Wi-Fi, Video and Audio Solutions that Exceed Expectations

Whether it’s a marquee tournament or a Division III baseball game, fan engagement is a critical part of game day. College athletic directors juggle a lot of responsibilities—from building successful programs to satisfying athletes, parents, and alumni—and building a fun-filled experience for fans and visitors is a crucial part of that role.

When your fan experiences are on point, it leads to a host of other wins: happy, loyal fans; better ticket sales; more opportunities for dynamic sponsorships; organic social media shares; and so much more. And more often than not, building a great fan experience begins with upgrading your technology.

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Formetco Sports LED Scoreboards and Video Screens Transform Sports Facilities Into Revenue-Generating Even Venues

LED scoreboards and video screens aren’t just for 50,000-seat stadiums anymore. Now attainable for high schools and colleges, high-definition LED video screens and scoreboards not only take your in-game experience to a big-time level, they make your stadium or gymnasium a revenue-producing hub for community events and entertainment.

Movie nights, graduations, video-game challenges and concerts are among the many ways Formetco Sports video screens have already been successfully utilized. The options are endless.

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The Merchants Advantage: College Fleet Solutions

Are you relying on old, outdated vehicles to transport athletes to and from athletic events? Is your vehicle fleet going unused in the summer months? Is your department lacking a fleet management system resulting in decreased organization and efficiencies? Are your vehicle maintenance costs unexpected and rising year after year?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, it may be time to seek an alternative route — a route that leads you to Merchants Fleet Management.

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Severe Weather Detection Technologies Take the Worry out of Safety Planning for Outdoor Athletic Events

From 2006-15, the National Weather Service recorded more than 300 deaths due to lightning strikes — a majority occurred while people were participating in outdoor activities such as sporting events. If severe weather approaches your area of play, will you be prepared? There are significant benefits to implementing a robust lightning detection technology system:

  • Automates decision-making by putting the decision in the hands of technology and analytics
  • Allows athletic administrators and coaches to focus on the safety of athletes and spectators
  • Builds internal collaboration through immediate and shared communication to trigger emergency response plans

Lightning safety plans, as suggested by the National Federation of State High School Associations and National Collegiate Athletic Association, are a fundamental part of Emergency Action Plans and the most effective way to prevent lightning-related injuries or deaths. Utilizing technology to monitor weather conditions improves every aspect of the plan.

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