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A new standard for sports facilities

The importance of adding liners and insulation with Legacy Building Solutions

(Sponsored) Specializing in custom, specialty fabric structures, Legacy Building Solutions provides the best tension fabric buildings in the sports industry, surpassing expectations and achieving high standards of safety that last for decades. Legacy’s buildings are designed around creating a high-quality environment — aligning with the needs of coaches, athletes and athletic directors.

Shannon Humbert, building and project design consultant at Legacy, discusses how Legacy insulates and lines its buildings. Insulation and liners aid in maintaining the interior temperature of the building while meeting energy code. Using a Keder system, the liner is attached to the building and keeps the frame out of contact with all harsh elements, including fine dust particles.

“Because of the way (Legacy) lines and insulates buildings, it will give you better lighting, better acoustics and will be more efficient,” Humbert said.

Legacy uses passive airflow through the attic cavity to create an air-tight finish which contributes to overall energy efficiency. Interior fabric cladding offers additional benefits such as improved lighting, enhanced acoustics, and more.

“The liner provides an airtight envelope from the inside, giving you a more light reflective area and better acoustics because of less reverberation,” Humbert said. “It’s also low maintenance. The liner comprises a collective material designed as a softer wall capable of absorbing light impacts.

Ranging from R-19 to R-30, the fiberglass insulation is easily installed between the interior liner and exterior cladding. The liner, insulation, and exterior cladding collaborate to enhance the environment for athletes, maximizing their performance potential. Whether you are protecting athletes, coaches or equipment, Legacy makes a safe, climate-controlled environment possible.

With Legacy’s steel-framed structures, the buildings are also engineered to handle different design options including scoreboards, goal posts, sound systems, netting HVAC and fire suppression systems. Striving for customization, versatility and flexibility, Legacy’s Legacy steel-framed structures are built to fit any sport, leaving every team satisfied.

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