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Strength Training New Athletes

Tips for coaching new athletes on strength training. Rick Huegli, strength coach in Lakeside School, of Seattle, Wash., stresses fundamentals for new athletes....


Summer Strength And Conditioning Programs

Lakeside School strength coach Rick Huegli discusses the benefits of a summer strength and conditioning program. ...


Ways To Identify 5 Types Of Athletes

Lakeside High School (Seattle, Wash.) coach Kurt Huegli, explains the 5 different levels of athletes who participate in his strength training program. ...


Committed Athlete Program

Starting a committed athlete program is a way to recognize high school athlete’s accomplishments in the weight room. Lakeside High School (Seattle, Wash.) strength coach, Kurt Huegli, explains how the committed athlete program is a success at h...


Axon Sports Online Baseline Test

Axon Sports Sales and Marketing Representative Sara Grip shares the importance of their online Baseline Test for players and coaches when dealing with players who may face concussions. She highlights the Test’s flexiblity, ease of implementatio...