athletic director

March 18, 2014

Coaches Deserve Benefit of the Doubt in Blowout Games

Last October, Aledo High School (Texas) made national headlines after its football team thumped one of its opponents 91-0. Parents of players on the losing team were furious, prompting one of them to file a bullying complaint claiming everyone in the...

February 5, 2014

Identifying the 5 types of conflicts in athletic programs

One of the many tasks of a high school athletic director is resolving conflict. Conflict is a natural by-product of managing people, and an effective athletic administrator must be able to respond to conflict and control it. Conflict seems to have...


Diffusing Situations With Hostile Parents

David Hoch, a retired athletic administrator with 16 years of experience, discusses methods for diffusing sticky situations with hostile parents.  ...


Thinking About Adding Lacrosse at Your School

Rockford High School (Rockford, Mich.) girls lacrosse coach Mike Emery offers advice for athletic directors who are considering adding lacrosse to the school’s offerings.  ...

January 10, 2014

The A.D. as the public relations practitioner

Many corporations and large organizations have an individual who serves as the public relations point person. And celebrities often have their own publicists. In both of these examples, this individual’s purpose is promote the positive aspects and ...

December 31, 2013

Blue Heaven

When Brady Hoke returned to Ann Arbor, 30 years after accepting his first coaching job at a small Indiana high school, it was the crowning achievement of an already polished career. Hoke hadn't yet spent one day on the sidelines or organized his firs...