The Ultimate Scoring Drill Book Download

The Guide to Scoring On Actions with 15 bonus shooting drills!

We all see the evolution of the game as the years go. Bigger, faster, stronger, more athletic players as the advancements in performance training continue. As well, the skill development around the world is at its peak from within programs and in the private sector. Check out the Ultimate Scoring Drill Book now! Does this change the way we approach the game of basketball?

From a teaching standpoint? Almost every action in this game has been set for quite some time. On-Ball Screens and Away from the ball-screens, dribble handoffs, etc. There may be different ways to initiate them through various play sets, but it all comes back to the same options.

Can you score on those options? Every coach WANTS the Curry’s and the Durant’s but just like the old song says… “Can’t always get what you want…”. Depending on your generation you can probably hear the catchy tune with it as well. With that, you as coaches build your systems on that fact, that you do not have those type of players so you must play very efficient, well-balanced basketball. Now, are you training your players to perform well in those situations?

This Ultimate Scoring Drill Book is meant to be the ultimate guide to youth and high school coaches for teaching and training the actions that you use in the majority of your team’s offensive system. It breaks them down to the I.Q. behind the action, why you’re doing it, and what options you have once you’ve made it, as well as adaptations for individual and team settings, as well as competitive drills for your whole team.

The trouble with shooting in clutch moments, although you feel your players shoot well in practice? With this training book, you will receive ten competitive shooting drills, and 5 Dr. Dish adapted shooting workouts to help take your players shooting efficiency to the next level. As the game continues to evolve and change one they will continue to stay constant.

The best players in this game score on actions. So you can now learn from the Ultimate Scoring Drill Book today!