Team USA 2016 Skill Development Playbook Download

Take a look at the Team USA 2016 Skill Development Playbook…

A wise coach once said that “success leaves foot prints.”
Which is what makes the game of basketball so beautiful.

We allows have models to copy or form out game after.

MJ did it with Dr. J and Kobe did it with MJ.

Now your players can take pieces of their favorite player from Team USA’s gold winning team.

Whether it be Melo, Irving, or Paul George…..every player has 5 drills that are specific to what they do in games.

Which is relative….because spend time with any NBA player and you will see that 95% of their workout will be game shots
in spots….every time.

Download this Team USA 2016 Skill Development Playbook now and get one of the most comprehensive looks into how the best in our present game score night in and night out.