New San Antonio Spurs Mid-Range Offense Playbook

The NBA San Antonio Spurs are one of the best teams to watch for a high school coach. They focus on the mid-range game, and that is something that most high school teams can do. They have played power basketball with Tim Duncan. Tony Parker used a motion offense when he was their top scorer. They are now using this mid-range offense with Lamar Aldridge. Coach Popovich is leading down the right path with this offense.

In the last 24 games, The Spurs have been within five points of those game. They are 13-3 in those games. The Mid-Range Offense has them running different options, and their defense isn’t as good, but they are winning.

The Spurs have the most shots from the mid-range in the league. LaMarcus Aldridge leads them in those shots. The Spurs have adapted to him instead of the other way around. Most high school teams don’t have great outside shooters. It’s the perfect high school offense.

Teams should look at this shot because they have the personnel for it. We all don’t have a Kevin Durant that can hit the NBA three point shot. You have to adapt to your personnel.

This offense will allow your catch and shoot kids to get their shots off. You can make your team into an excellent pick & roll team with this offense.

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