Boston Celtics Offense: Space, Pace, and Pick-N-Pop Download

The Boston Celtics Offense Playbook is what Brad Stevens uses with his team. It can’t be categorized into one specific, pre-existing system. It is a changing offense that borrows elements from every other offense, yet remains original at the same time.

Some coaches like Phil Jackson are forever linked to one definitive offense. Coach Jackson used the Triangle Offense that was invented by Tex Winter. It was popular during his championship years winning titles with the Chicago Bulls and Los Angeles Lakers.

This half court offense is designed to use ball movement and create a variety of attack options. The Boston Celtics Offense have a default set-up, from where the offense is activated at the start of each possession.

The Triangle and Princeton Offensive sets begin with a big and wing on the weak side. Their teammates on the strong side can choose to pass the ball to the weak side big man – who can post up or trigger a two man game with the wing. The three other players will make a series of movements to either produce ball movement or isolate the wing, who is usually the best one on one scorer.

The Triangle offense was a winning formula if you had advanced level of talent. The Triangle Offense would isolate both Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant – both of whom are the best isolation scorers of all-time.

Unfortunately for Brad Stevens, he doesn’t have Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant to work with. He had to get creative since he has a lack of star power. He devised an extremely uptempo offensive game plan – effective against the NBA’s modern defensive paradigm (ICE). Unlike the triangle, the Boston Celtics Offense plays an entirely different brand of basketball served to capitalize each player’s strengths. While there’s no real name for Stevens’ offense, analysts – in an attempt to define it – have dubbed it the “Pace and Space” offense.

Pacing And Spacing

Pace indicates the team’s tempo. “Pace” – as a statistic – is the average number of offensive possessions per-48 minutes. According to Basketball-Reference, the Celtics played at the fifth-highest pace last season – averaging 98.4 possessions every 48 minutes.

Meanwhile, “space” expresses a team’s ability to stretch their opponent’s out on offense. To Maximize spacing, teams need several three-point options on the floor to force their defenders outside the paint, and onto the perimeter. Maximum spacing means wide open lanes for cutters to ensure high-percentage shots inside the paint.

Brad Stevens combined the elements of “pace” and “space” to craft an exciting offense capable of picking apart the league’s most elite defenses – despite their limited offensive arsenal. While their offense wasn’t the league’s most efficient (they finished 20th in offensive efficiency), it was effective enough to land the Celtics a playoff berth.

Pick And Pops: Three-Point Option

The NBA is HUGE on stretch fours…. and you have players that can be stretch fours. You can bring out the other big and it will weaken the defense without a rim protector. If your stretch four can shoot it then you are going to get wins left and right.

This Offense will help you space out your opponent and create space for your team to play winning basketball. You need to check it out!