2016-17 Best of Euroleague Playbook

Some of the best X and O coaches in the world are coaching in Europe. These coaches have an uncanny ability to come up with creative offensive sets and quick hitters to get their players high percentage shots. In the 2016-17 Best of Euroleague Basketball Playbook, you will get tons of offensive ideas that are being utilized so far this season.

In the Euroleague, you will see completely different cultures and completely different styles of basketball. Right now, the only way that you get to see Euroleague plays are on the internet and YouTube. You have the opportunity to learn from some of these legendary basketball coaches.

The Euroleague and most countries in Europe use a lot of pick-and-roll situations. They look for specific players for specific positions to find mismatches. The Euroleague set plays are great for high school teams because it’s closer to their style of the game. The NBA has fast and tall players, but the Euroleague isn’t like that. It’s more realistic and it will be something that fits your team better.

The playbook contains over 120 Basketball Plays:

• Half court man offense,
• Baseline out of bounds,
• Sideline out of bounds,
• Late game half court, and
• Late game sideline out bounds plays from the best teams and coaches in Europe.