Post clear-out From Brad McGhee, formerly of Liberty High School, Mountain View, Missouri

DIAGRAM 1: This is a good play if you have a quick post player (5) who can attack the basket. 1 begins with a dribble entry on the right side of the floor. 4, who is set up at the top of the key, breaks toward 1 and sets an on-the-ball screen. 1 uses the screen and continues to dribble to the left side. 5 steps out and sets a screen for 3, who runs all the way along the baseline to the opposite corner. 4 rolls to the basket after screening 1. 1 looks for a good pick-and-roll opportunity with 4.

DIAGRAM 2: Notice that the left side of the floor is now overloaded with 2 and 3 set up behind the 3-point line and 4 on the left low block. 5 pops out from the right low block to the right wing area. 1 passes to 5.

DIAGRAM 3: With the right side of the floor cleared out, 5 can now attack the basket and try to score. If the defense slides over to give 5’s defender help, 4 should look to slide to the basket and receive a pass from 5, or be in good position to rebound a missed shot.