‘Knight’ baseline inbounds From Jeff Chin, formerly of Bullard High School, Fresno, California

DIAGRAM 1: Players set up in a box set formation with 3 inbounding the ball. The guards (1 and 2) line up along the ball-side lane line, while the post players set up on the weak-side lane line. 2 breaks up and sets a screen for 1, who cuts to the ball-side short corner. 3 should look inside to 4 as a first option.

DIAGRAM 2: After setting the screen, 2 pops out to the top and serves as a safety release. 3 throws an inbounds pass to 1 in the ball-side corner. If 1 is covered, 3 can look to throw a skip pass over the top to 2.

DIAGRAM 3: 1 reverses the ball to 2 at the top of the key. 4 and 5 break toward each other and set a double screen near the mid-post area. As 4 and 5 set the double screen, 3 curls to the weak side short corner and sets up behind their double screen.

DIAGRAM 4: 2 quickly swings the ball to 3 for a baseline or 3-point shot coming off the double-screen. Crisp passing and good timing of the double screen and 3’s cut are critical for this play to be successful. With practice, your players can get quite good at getting the timing down.