Five inbound plays from the same set From Marty Gaughan, head boys coach, Benet Academy, Lisle, Illinois

We run five inbound plays from the same set. Each play is run for a specific player on the floor. For example, play No. 1 is run for player 1, etc. This gives us flexibility to run a play to any player and makes us difficult to scout because these plays are all run from the same inbounds set.

Diagram 1DIAGRAM 1: Play one (A). 5 screens for 4 and then rolls back toward the basket. 4 breaks to the ball-side corner. 3 sets a downscreen for 2 and cuts to the weak side. 2 cuts to the top.

Diagram 2DIAGRAM 2: Play one (B). 4 throws a quick swing pass to 2. 1 steps inbounds and acts as if he or she is going to the weak-side corner, but then cuts back to the ball-side corner. 2 fakes a pass to 3, then throws the ball to 1 in the corner for a quick shot.

Diagram 3DIAGRAM 3: Play two. 2 breaks and sets an upscreen for 4 who cuts to the weak-side corner. 5 screens-the-screener for 2 who uses 5’s screen and cuts to the ball-side behind the 3-point line. 3 sets a downscreen for 2, then breaks to the top and serves as a safety release. 1 passes to 2 for a quick 3-point shot.

DIAGRAM 4: Play three (A). 4 breaks into the weak-side corner, while 3 cuts down the lane and sets a downscreen for 2 who comes off the screen and pops to the top of the key. 5 cuts to the ball-side corner and receives an inbound pass from 1. 5 immediately swings the ball to 2 out top.

Diagram 5DIAGRAM 5: Play three (B). 1 comes inbound and cuts to the weak-side corner and yells for the ball. 4 and 5 set staggered screens along the baseline for 3 who cuts to the short corner on the ball side. 2 fakes a pass to 1 and throws it to 3 coming off the staggered screens. 3 catches and shoots a short, baseline jump shot.

Diagram 6DIAGRAM 6: Play four (A). 5 pops to the top and sets a screen for 3 who cuts to the ball-side corner. After setting the screen, 5 rolls back toward the inbounder calling for the ball. 4 breaks to the weak-side corner.

Diagram 7DIAGRAM 7: Play four (B). 1 inbounds to 3 who immediately swings the ball to 2 popping out to the top. 4 cuts across the lane and breaks into the corner off staggered screens set by 5 and 3. 2 passes to 4 who shoots a baseline jump shot.

Diagram 8DIAGRAM 8: Play five. 3 releases up top and acts as a safety release. 5 pops up and sets a screen for 4 who breaks into the ball-side corner. As 5 is setting the screen, 2 slides across the lane and sets an upscreen for 5 (screen-the-screener action). 5 curls around 2’s screen and breaks to the basket looking for the inbound pass from 1 for a catch-and-shoot opportunity.