Wrestling Coach Accused Of Provoking, Encouraging Fight Between Athletes

March 9, 2011 / Wrestling

KOCO.com (Oklahoma City), Colby Daniels

Parents said they want to have a high school coach fired after he has been suspended after accusations that he allowed and provoked high school wrestling student-athletes to beat up another wrestling student-athlete.

Blake Crowson, 14, said he was hit, kicked and beat with a rope while high school wrestling coach Marcus Knight encouraged and provoked the beating. The freshman student is on the wrestling team at Western Heights High School in Oklahoma.

Crowson said he was held down in a wrestling move while 10 other students hit and kicked him.”I’m just trying not to think about it. (I) stay in my room, play video games,” Crowson said.Crowson went back at school and he said bullies jumped him again in the school parking lot after he publicly spoke out against the coach.

But Crowson said he didn’t regret speaking out about what happened to him.”It took me being a freshman to make this change, and so (I hope) next year’s freshmen don’t have to keep putting up with it (bullying),” Crowson said.His mother said the attack may not be the first time something like this has happened. Becky Crowson said other parents are coming forward, saying this happened to their children, too.

“If I can’t be there to protect him, I’m putting my trust into the coaches. If they don’t jump in — 10 kids on one? I’m not going to stand for that,” Becky Crowson said.

Parent Trinity Cook came forward and said his son was also bullied four years ago, and that Knight didn’t do anything to stop it.”It doesn’t just end at the wrestling mat. (Knight’s) just an angry gentleman who shouldn’t be around children, ever,” Cook said.

Now, some parents say they want Knight fired from his job. “I would like to see him lose his job and not be able to work with children,” Becky Crowson said.Western Heights Superintendent Joe Kitchens said Knight will be suspended until the investigation is finished. Kitchens said he is asking everyone to reserve judgment until the investigation is complete.

“We’re always concerned about the safety of students, also concerned about getting to truth of what has happened,” Kitchens said.School administrators said they are deciding whether Knight will be allowed to lead his high school wrestling team in upcoming competitions

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