Win Your Players Over with Unique Fundraising Ideas

May 21, 2018 / Football
{Sponsored} Getting your players involved in fundraising takes more than handing them catalogs of things to sell. To get them engaged in fundraising requires unique ideas — things that will spark their interest and motivate them. Their enthusiasm for the fundraiser itself will be contagious, and people won’t be able to say “no” to donating.

However, finding the right fundraiser for your team takes strategy and creative brainstorming. We’ve done the hard part. Here are some unique fundraiser ideas your players will love.

  1. Pie the Player: For this fundraiser, you’ll need some volunteers. All players and friends work well for this one. Pick players who are eager to be a part of this one (one or two for each volunteer). Each volunteer will carry around a container or two with the picture of a player on it. They’ll work the crowd asking for donations. Set goals for number of pies the players get based on the amount raised in the bucket. For example, every $20 donated gets the player a pie to the face; a single donation of $10 gives the person making the donation the rights to pie the player themself rather than having the volunteer pie the player. At the end of the game, set up whipped cream pies and a tarp (to make clean-up easier) and let the volunteers and big donors have at it!
  2. Team Musical or Dance Performance: You’re bound to have some players on your team who can sing or act or dance (or all three!). Work with a dance instructor at the school or the drama coach and put together a team musical or dance performance. The bonus to this one is that you’re also creating more well-rounded players and potentially giving them extra workouts outside of practice hours. Sell tickets to the performance. This one is always a hit with students. They’ll expect it to be funny and then be wowed by the talent your players possess.
  3. Team Talent Show: Put on a talent show with football players only. Have the players come up with unique talents, even if they don’t possess one of the more common things you see at a talent show (singing, musical instruments, dance). Tickets will sell themselves.
  4. Player Auction: Auction off the rights to have a starting player do things around the winner’s home. They’ll mow the lawn, wash cars or complete other chores. Make sure the players are on board with everything you’re including in the auction!
  5. Ultimate Fan: This one allows a community member to have special privileges during a home game. Choose privileges like the best seat in the stands — and make sure it’s comfortable by adding padding to the seat. Include the ticket, free food and a free beverage from the concession stand; give them a special parking spot close to the field. Then have a player who draws or does graphic design create a special T-shirt commemorating the ultimate fandom. Take a photo of the fan with all of the athletes involved in the game. Auction off the rights to the “ultimate fan” title at each home game.
  6. Giving Back: Fundraise for an organization near and dear to the members of your team. Perhaps you have a student who is part of Boys & Girls Club or one whose sibling has cerebral palsy. Work with a local restaurant that does “give back” days, and have players spread the word. Perhaps you can even auction off the rights to eat dinner with particularly charismatic players to give the nonprofit a boost. If your program is really hurting for cash, perhaps split the benefit between the organization and the football team.

No matter which of these you choose to pursue, make sure your players are totally on board. They’re the best advocates for fundraisers, and the more they get to be involved in the planning process, the better the fundraisers.

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