VICIS Zero1 tops list in NFL helmet performance testing

April 15, 2019 / FootballSports Medicine
The NFL and the NFL Players Association (NFLPA) last week released their annual Helmet Laboratory Testing Performance Results. For the third consecutive year, the VICIS ZERO1 helmet earned the No. 1 ranking.

The NFL and NFLPA’s annual testing assesses the performance of all helmets in use in the NFL to determine their ability to best reduce the severity of head impacts, empowering athletes to make more informed decisions about their protective equipment. The ZERO1 outperformed 33 other helmets tested for its ability to reduce head impact severity in laboratory testing.

The number one ranking comes on the heels of VICIS’ ZERO1 YOUTH topping all helmets in Virginia Tech’s inaugural youth football helmet ratings.

“The ZERO1 was a technological breakthrough when first introduced and it remains #1 in NFL/NFLPA rankings three years later,” said Dave Marver, CEO and co-founder of VICIS. “With the ZERO1 YOUTH’s top rating in inaugural Virginia Tech Youth Helmet Ratings, VICIS is now the top choice for athletes at all levels of football.”

The ZERO1 is the most technologically advanced helmet on the market, designed to reduce impact forces with a highly engineered structure that differs from traditional football helmets. The ZERO1 has a deformable outer shell and a unique RFLX layer designed to slow impact forces like a car bumper while enhancing player performance.

Originally introduced to NFL and NCAA teams in 2017, the ZERO1 has been adopted by more than 1,200 high school programs and 150 professional and college teams across the country.

NFLPA helmet testing 2019
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