Utah could ease transfer restrictions on high school athletes

November 9, 2016 / Athletic AdministrationCoaching
High school athletes in Utah will have an easier time transferring to another institution under a proposal that has preliminary approval from the state board of education.

UHSAACurrent rules prevent students from transferring and immediately playing sports at another school, but the proposal would relax those restrictions and give athletes more options.

From The Salt Lake Tribune:

Utah High School Activities Association rules currently prohibit transfers once a student has established eligibility at a school, unless that student obtains a waiver due to hardship, bullying, family relocation or other circumstances.

Under the new proposal, varsity student-athletes would not need a waiver to establish eligibility at a new school, so long as the transfer was prompted by the entire family relocating, or by a divorce or death in the family that necessitated a move.

A varsity athlete who transfers schools outside those acceptable scenarios would be required to switch sports, for example moving from varsity football at one school to varsity basketball at another. Subsequent transfers would result in a loss of eligibility for 12 months.

Coaches and school administrators were against the proposal when it was introduced this summer, according to the article, but revisions have gained their support. Still, there remain lingering concerns that easing restrictions opens the door for recruiting.

The Utah Board of Education must vote to officially adopt the policy, and there’s no word on when that might happen.

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