Trump, DeSantis slam CFP selection committee over FSU omission

December 6, 2023 / Athletic AdministrationFootball
Republican politicians like Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and former President Donald Trump went to social media to speak out against the NCAA’s College Football Playoff selection committee for its omission of Florida State University.

Despite finishing the season 13-0 and winning the Atlantic Coast Conference—a Power 5 conference—Florida State was ousted from the top four by two one-loss schools. This drew a visceral reaction online from many college sports fans that was directed at the CFP selection committee.

desantisDeSantis and Trump offered their thoughts on the issue with DeSantis even asking state legislature for $1 million for a lawsuit against the NCAA’s CFP committee.

A recent story from Yahoo! Sports detailed the thoughts of the republican politicians. Below is an excerpt from the Yahoo! Sports story.

The Florida Governor and Republican presidential candidate said Tuesday that he is asking the state legislature for $1 million to be set aside for Florida State to sue the College Football Playoff committee after the Seminoles were left out of the four-team playoff, according to ESPN. It’s unclear what DeSantis thinks that hypothetical lawsuit would accomplish.

“My first-grader, my fifth-grader and my preschooler … they are all ‘Noles and they are big-time fans and they do the tomahawk chop and they were not happy,” DeSantis said, via ESPN. “We are going to set aside $1 million and let the chips fall where they may.”

Florida State, which went undefeated and beat Louisville in the ACC championship game, will take on Georgia in the Orange Bowl. The Seminoles are the first undefeated Power Five team to be left out of the playoff field, which likely happened largely due to star quarterback Jordan Travis’ season-ending injury last month.

Like DeSantis, Florida Sen. Rick Scott and former President Donald Trump spoke out about the decision.

In reality, DeSantis’ hypothetical lawsuit is likely nothing more than a political stunt related to his presidential campaign — which, according to and ABC News, isn’t polling very well. By the time the Florida legislature agrees on a spending plan, which is where DeSantis is asking for that $1 million, the College Football Playoff will be long over. A lawsuit won’t change anything, regardless of who wins the national championship. Florida State won’t be allowed into the playoff because it will have ended. Either Michigan, Washington, Texas or Alabama will be the national champion.

The lawsuit wouldn’t change anything for the future either, as the College Football Playoff is expanding next year to 12 teams.

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