Three Virginia HS Football Teams Using Helmet Sensors

From DailyPress.com

Players trying to hide getting their bell rung will have a harder time concealing potential concussions this season at three Virginia high schools.

Many of them will be wearing the latest technology inside their helmets, and it will let athletic trainers know their heads have experienced an impact.

Warhill, Lafayette and Jamestown high schools, as well as Booker T. Washington High in Norfolk, are the first high school teams in Virginia to use the new Riddell InSite Impact Response System, according to Riddell spokeswoman Erin Griffin.

The technology was developed at Virginia Tech and rolled out for sale last year. It uses sensors with silicone wiring inside the helmet to record impacts to players’ heads. A signal is then transmitted to let athletic trainers know the player needs to be checked for a possible concussion.

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