Thousands of football helmets recalled due to injury hazard

August 18, 2016 / Athletic AdministrationFootball
Michigan-based Xenith announced this week a recall of thousands of football helmets due a cracking issue that creates a safety hazard.

XenithAccording to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, there were 29 reports of cracking in certain models of helmets. No injuries were reported, but Xenith is now recalling roughly 5,900 helmets sold or factory-reconditioned between May 1, 2015 and March 18, 2016.

The recall includes the Xenith Epic Varsity, X2 Varsity, X2E Varsity and Youth football helmets.

From Xenith:

Following a customer inquiry in late 2015, we began investigating if the polycarbonate shell of certain gloss or metallic-painted helmets could unexpectedly crack. We reviewed internal test and manufacturing protocols. We also retained an independent laboratory to perform additional testing and analysis from an external point of view.

The review identified the issue problem: a “flex” additive chemical compound, which prevents other coating components from causing embrittlement of the shell material, was not included in the paint mixture for gloss and metallic painted helmets from May 2015 through March 2016.

We have since corrected this issue and implemented a solution so that all gloss or metallic-painted helmets manufactured since March 2016 include the “flex” additive chemical compound.

Players, coaches or parents are encouraged to immediately contact Xenith to order a free replacement helmet.

Click here to learn more or check whether your helmet is included in the recall.

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