Survey: 79% of Ala. HS coaches believe recruiting is ‘widespread’

July 11, 2017 / Athletic AdministrationCoaching
The majority of high school coaches in Alabama believe that illegal recruiting across the state is “widespread,” according to a recent survey from

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The website polled 356 high school coaches about recruiting, efforts to minimize it and whether the coaches themselves have ever recruited an athlete away from another school. Though 93% said they’ve never recruited another athlete, 52% believed recruiting was “somewhat widespread” while another 27% said it’s “extremely widespread.”

From the article: also interviewed more than a dozen coaches individually who agreed there’s a perception that recruiting has become widespread and many lamented that this public perception tarnishes the reputation of coaches and contributes to a “win at all costs” mentality.

“I think there’s coaches that go, ‘I’m not guilty until I get caught and if I’m not caught, I’m not guilty,’” Fultondale athletic director and wrestling coach Billy Hughes said. “That’s morally and ethically wrong for a coach.”

Others voiced concerns that suspicions surrounding high school recruiting simply aren’t substantiated.

“If a player changes schools, the perception is, ‘He must be recruited,’” Briarwood Christian football coach Fred Yancey said “I don’t buy that. Maybe I’m naïve. The coaches I know, they don’t recruit.”

Last summer, Coach & Athletic Director polled readers asking whether enough was done to prevent illegal recruiting at the high school level — 89% said no. Some blamed open enrollment in their respective states, and others pointed fingers at club/travel teams.

In’s poll, 53% said private schools recruit more. Only 7% said public school recruited more, while 36% said both recruit equally.

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