Schutt Sports Announces New Advanced Football Helmet

January 4, 2012 / Football
San Antonio, Texas – Wednesday, Jan. 4, 2012 – NFL and college-level football players will soon have the opportunity to face their foes head-on with Vengeance – the newest and most technologically-advanced helmet released by Schutt Sports. Schutt announced it will debut the helmet, which includes four new impact-absorbing features, for the first time at the American Football Association Conference (AFCA) this Sunday, Jan. 8.
The Vengeance helmet will feature the fourth generation of Schutt’s patented TPU Cushioning: Dual Density TPU, which the company explains will improve absorption on high-level impacts, as well as low-level impacts. There will be two distinct types of TPU within each helmet – each type designed to perform against their respective concussive and sub-concussive hits.
“TPU Cushioning is already proven to absorb more high-level impact in game-like conditions than traditional foam padding,” Glenn Beckmann, director of marketing communications for Schutt Sports, said. “Our new Dual Density TPU is designed to also meet and better absorb those lower level sub-concussive impacts, which have been shown to potentially have a cumulative, negative effect on the brain, leading to progressive degenerative diseases.”
The Vengeance will be the first football helmet released with Schutt’s patented back-shelf design – a shelf built into the back of the helmet intended to increase the strength and protective properties of the helmet.
“This is a great improvement for the many times players fall backwards and hit their heads on the ground,” Beckmann said.
The Vengeance also will include a re-designed air liner that, for the first time, is made from TPU and adds another layer of impact absorption to the helmet’s performance.
Finally, the Vengeance will feature a completely re-designed set of faceguards, made exclusively for the new helmet. These new faceguards are made to increase impact absorption of the helmet on direct frontal impacts.
“There is nothing like this helmet on the market,” Beckmann explained. “Between the new Dual Density TPU, back-shelf design, air liner and faceguards, the Vengeance will be unmatched in high- and low-level impact absorption, which addresses both concussive and sub-concussive hits.”

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