Safety and Branding in Perfect Harmony

June 18, 2018 / Athletic Administration
{Sponsored} Safety at school and school events is on the minds of students, faculty and coaches — especially in light of recent events. As a result, BigSigns.com has launched a new product.

BigSigns.com WindowGuard(tm)

WindowGuardTM One-Way Vision Protection is designed to provide both security and excellent branding for your school. The way it works is that the graphics make glass act as a one-way window, obscuring the view from outsiders looking in while allowing those inside the room to see out. This means that in the case of a security incident, students and staff will be able to see danger while danger will not be able to spot them. It’s designed in such a way that full-color graphics are visible to outsiders, providing branding many campuses need and want.

These graphics are customizable in size to make sure all your desired windows can be covered properly with WindowGuardTM.

Once the WindowGuardTM is installed, it will help contribute to peace of mind across campus. Students will know that they are protected from onlookers and those with more malicious intents. It not only protects in the case of a security incident, but it can also provide tranquility to students, who find the one-way windows to be a way to prevent nonviolent incidences as well. No longer can onlookers peer into practices without being authorized.

Brand various portions of your school for programs you offer. Choose a sport for a certain part of the outer windows, and pick something else for other areas. Your front entrance can be emblazoned with massive school logos and mottos. Smaller WindowGuardTM are ideal for each classroom. Since the product is totally customizable, you can rest assured any window at your school can be covered.

The best part in all of this is that WindowGuardTM is eligible for state and federal safety dollars in most cases! Since outside eyes cannot see through WindowGuardTM, federal and state government school safety programs consider WindowGuardTM to be a safeguard. If you’re wondering which improvements will make those dollars go farthest and you also need more branding across the school, this product is a no-brainer.

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