Report: NCAA ‘likely’ to reduce shot clock in basketball

April 27, 2015 / Basketball
The NCAA appears “likely” to reduce the shot clock in college basketball, according to a report Monday from ESPN.

NCAAESPN reported that rules committee chairman Rick Byrd said the shot clock would be reduced from 35 to 30 seconds, if the change was approved. Critics of the way college basketball offenses have evolved over the years have been calling for a shorter shot clock to increase scoring.

The men’s NIT experimented with the 30-second shot clock this season, and plans were to analyze the results during the offseason.

The rules committee meets May 13-15 in Indianapolis, where members are expected to discuss the results.

Byrd told ESPN’s Andy Katz that one year ago 95 percent of coaches were against the change, but that’s no longer the case.

“Now there’s a real decent chance,” Byrd told ESPN. “It’s pretty evident a lot more coaches are leaning that way. The opinion of coaches on the shot clock have moved significantly to reducing it from 35 to 30. And all indicators are pointing toward that.”

Byrd also said there would be discussion on widening the lane and increasing the 3-point shot distance, but he didn’t expect changes to be made. As for the restricted-area arc, he expects it to widen from 3 to 4 feet to be in line with the NBA.

Click here to read the complete report from ESPN.

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