RaceFit Core’s Tracking Platform for Athletes

RaceFit CORE is a wireless motion detection module fitted with multiple sensors. It records different movements simultaneously with up to 48,000 measurements per minute. The module can be used in combination with three of the manufacturer’s other products: the RaceFit SUIT with seven integrated modules, the RaceFit BAND for the arm or foot which can hold a single module, and a RaceFit CLIP. The detectors are used in the fields of sport, rehabilitation, education, and care of the elderly, among other contexts.

A wearable tech company based in Hong Kong whose motto is “Understanding Human Motion,” RaceFit has developed a suite of motion tracking solutions to help manage athlete training, exercise, and even to assist in caring for older people.

For their athlete training solution, they designed a wearable full-body suit that houses seven sensors which they call RaceFit Cores. The Cores have what we find in typical IMUs (accelerometers, gyroscopes, magnetometers) and they are inserted into holders or pockets adhered onto the suit. The holders’ locations are at the knees, hip, upper back, lower back, and elbows. One of the applications they have found themselves in is coaching a Fencer. The coach relies on the RaceFit Suit coupled with smart algorithms (built on the Microsoft Azure environment) to identify where the Fencer could work during the coaching sessions. He prescribes specific exercises and activities in the Fencer’s daily workout plan to help her improve. Then he uses the platform to remotely monitor her daily workout progress so that he can plan for their next coaching session more effectively.

Using the same Core, RaceFit also came up with a scaled-down consumer version that comprises two Cores on velcro bands. Paired with their smartphone app, users can track a variety of HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) workouts on the app using one Core strapped on the wrist and another strapped on the ankle. The RaceFit Core Fitness app is like a virtual workout partner with built-in smarts to identify the users’ strengths and weaknesses (through a fitness test), help them set goals, recommend workouts, and keeps track of their progress together with subsequent training recommendations.

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Besides HIIT workouts, users who run can also track their outdoor running activities using the two Cores strapped on both ankles. The Cores provides additional data to your runs such as step angles and impact forces.

The team at RaceFit doesn’t just stop here. They are continually developing and improving their platform for fitness and health. As mentioned earlier, they have a monitoring solution for older people in aged care facilities. They are also working on customizable remote coaching and rehabilitation applications. If you are a fitness or health organization looking to incorporate motion tracking IoT hardware, do check out them or click here to contact them directly.