Pittsburgh HS removes football team from playoffs after fight

October 21, 2014 / Football
Earlier this month, a postgame fight between two Pittsburgh area football teams prompted the school district to cancel the remainder of their regular seasons.

Now, one of the schools has gone a step further in removing itself from the playoffs.

Perry and Westinghouse made headlines Oct. 10 when a brawl erupted after the game’s final whistle. The fight led to three players being disciplined.

“The school district made a decision based on the players who initiated the fight and all of the players from both teams leaving the sideline and coming onto the field during the incident,” Mike Gavlik, athletic director for the City League, told the Pittsburgh Post Gazette. “The school district thought both team’s games should be canceled this week.”

It wasn’t until this week that Perry announced it would not participate in the postseason. That’s a strong stance for the school, and while it’s undoubtedly disappointing for the players, both teams were said to have left their benches and joined the melee at midfield. 

There’s one thing that I find curious, and maybe you’ll notice it by watching this short video of the fight.

Do the officials have any responsibility here? I understand the game is over, but there’s a brawl at midfield and they cross their arms and observe it all unfold. I’d be interested to have an experienced referee chime in on their responsibilities in a situation like this. Seems like they should be doing something.

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