North Carolina association to discuss homeschool participation

November 28, 2017 / Athletic AdministrationCoaching
The North Carolina High School Athletic Association’s (NCHSAA) Board of Directors this week is expected to discuss whether homeschooled students should be allowed to play high school sports.

It’s not clear whether the board would vote for a change, but the issue is expected to come up during Thursday’s meeting, according to State legislators in recent years have pushed bills to allow homeschoolers to participate in public school sports, but the proposals never garnered enough support.

The article gives some indication of what direction the NCHSAA could go. Ideas have included allowing homeschooled students to play at the school in their district, and those students could even be required to take some classes at the high school. 

According to the Home School Legal Defense Association, 22 states allow homeschooled students access to classes or sports at public schools. One obstacle for school districts is verifying that non-students are meeting the academic requirements for extracurricular activities. Coaches and athletic administrators also have expressed concern that it could lead to recruiting by teams.

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  1. I have homeschooled for 5 years. Our daughter has played recreation ball and has been doing competition cheer for 4 years. Since my dad passed away, my mom has moved in with us, having a hip replacement July 9, 2018. We do not have family living near us to help take daughter to her competition cheer practice (30 minutes away twice a week) and events that go to 4 different states, so we have had to attending something she loves. She has played rec. ball for several years, but this year she turned 13 and they have no league for 13 the up. They all stop at 12U. I have discussed this situation with the public school she would normally attend to see if they would let her try out to participate in school ball. I know NC is waiting a Bill to pass (which has been going on for several years), but until that time, I am asking for help with allowing her to play public school ball. I hate to see her punished or maybe even discriminated and not allow her to continue her athletic experience and growth. When our county, Burke County, does not offer anything for her age, this is where county should help support all students to have the same opportunity. I know she should meet all academic requirements as all other athletes, which I can do from her transcript or state testing. Please take this into serious consideration so all children can be treated equally and have same opportunities. I would even be will to pay extra fees if that would help. Also, please note she is a straight A student and helps her family out tremendously with taking care of her grand-parents and more chores than most kids. I would like to see her grow and just be able to have some fun. Thanks again for any consideration. I know not everyone will agree, but we pay taxes for public school just like everyone else, but there are more advantages to help our children than disadvantages to hurt them. They all have to try-out so it is not like letting home school kids take someone’s spot. There are 22 states that already have passed the Bill. Please help NC be the 23rd state. May God bless all schools and children.

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