NFHS, state associations ask sports parents to ‘Cool It!’

January 18, 2019 / Athletic AdministrationCoaching
The NFHS has partnered with a number of state athletic associations to ask sports parents to do a better job of managing their emotions at games.

Coaches and athletic directors everywhere may have already read the op-ed, titled “Dear Mom and Dad: Cool It!” The organizations launched the campaign earlier this month to combat verbal — and sometimes physical — abuse against coaches and referees at high school events.

The op-ed has been published by a number of news organizations across the nation. It was written by NFHS Executive Director Karissa Niehoff and members of the state athletic associations.

Here is the letter in its entirety:

If you are the mother or father of a high school athlete here in (this state), this message is primarily for you.

When you attend an athletic event that involves your son or daughter, cheer to your heart’s content, enjoy the camaraderie that high school sports offer and have fun. But when it comes to verbally criticize game officials or coaches, cool it.

Make no mistake about it. Your passion is admired, and your support of the hometown team is needed. But so is your self-control. Yelling, screaming and berating the officials humiliates your child, annoys those sitting around you, embarrasses your child’s school and is the primary reason (this state) has an alarming shortage of high school officials.

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It’s true. According to a recent survey by the National Association of Sports Officials, more than 75 percent of all high school officials say “adult behavior” is the primary reason they quit. And 80 percent of all young officials hang up their stripes after just two years of whistleblowing. Why? They don’t need your abuse.

Plus, there’s a ripple effect. There are more officials over 60 than under 30 in many areas. And as older, experienced officials retire, there aren’t enough younger ones to replace them. If there are no officials, there are no games. The shortage of licensed high school officials is severe enough in some areas that athletic events are being postponed or cancelled—especially at the freshman and junior varsity levels.

Research confirms that participation in high school sports and activities instills a sense of pride in school and community, teaches lifelong lessons like the value of teamwork and self-discipline and facilitates the physical and emotional development of those who participate. So, if the games go away because there aren’t enough men and women to officiate them, the loss will be infinitely greater than just an “L” on the scoreboard. It will be putting a dent in your community’s future.

If you would like to be a part of the solution to the shortage of high school officials, you can sign up to become a licensed official at Otherwise, adult role models at high school athletic events here in (this state) are always welcome.

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  1. What about the officials who kneels while the National Anthem is played. That’s more embarrassing than any parent are player I have ever seen and it is embarrassing and a total dis grace to our school and Our Children! I am a 20yr. Veteran of high school officials and in those years I have never seen anything so embarrassing and humiliating than this. Make ARule About that Before you talk about the parents. As a parent now , they ( the Parent) are losing all respect bc of this.!!!

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