New school calls for a new tradition

November 1, 2017 / CoachingFootball
Floyd Central High School, located in Langley, Kentucky, opened its doors in 2017 and brought together two football rivals: Allen Central High School and South Floyd High School.

Prior to the merger, some 20 miles separated the schools. Today, they’re dancing together on the football field.

A new tradition was born.

Shawn Hager and his staff run a no-huddle offense; when fans are cheering it’s difficult to communication. Every Thursday, the team prepares for Friday night’s game with loud music and a little fun.

One Thursday, the “Cupid Shuffle” came over the loudspeakers. Hager watched — and took mental notes — as some of his players began to dance.

“During the 4th quarter of our first home game, I asked the kids if they felt like dancing,” Hager said. “I was joking, but the kids got excited about it. I figured they would say no.”

After the final whistle and Floyd Central lined up to shake hands with the opposing team, Coach Hager went to the press box and tuned on the “Cupid Shuffle.”

That’s when the first dance party started.

“We don’t dance good, but we have a good time,” Hager said. We might switch up the song later in the season, but right now we’re enjoying ourselves. It’s our new tradition. After every home win, we dance.”

Hager said the community support has been outstanding. If the team wins, fans line the fence with their phones our ready to record the action.

“It’s been great for the community,” he said. “It’s brought everyone together after being huge rivals. It gives the community something to look forward to, something to build on.”

“That was our goal,” he said. “We started it, and we can’t turn back now.”

As long as they keep winning, they’ll keep dancing.

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