New Mexico facing extreme shortage of high school referees

September 23, 2016 / Athletic AdministrationCoaching
New Mexico is facing a serious shortage of high school officials, and not only on the football field.

Referee1KRQE News in Albuquerque reported Thursday that the state’s activities association is concerned about the workload and travel requirements placed on its depleted team of referees. Over the last year, high school associations in Michigan, Indiana, Missouri and Wisconsin have expressed concern about the dwindling number of qualified officials, and it’s likely more states are grappling with the same problem.

From KRQE News:

Murphy started as a ref back in 1971. He met KRQE News 13 this week in the press box at Wilson Stadium. He assigns all games for the central region.

Murphy cited a number of reasons why New Mexico is seeing a referee shortage.

“The idea of officials being assaulted, being screamed at all the time gets a little annoying,” he explained.

He also added, “People want things right away, and no, you’re not going to work your first year here at Wilson Stadium on a Friday night.”

According to the report, the state is facing shortages in football, soccer, volleyball, basketball, baseball and wrestling.

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