New Jersey, North Carolina lead way in sports safety rankings

August 27, 2018 / Athletic AdministrationCoaching
As the fall high school sports season gets underway, the latest rankings from the Korey Stringer Institute show that New Jersey and North Carolina are doing the best job in keeping athletes safe.

The Korey Stringer Institute at the University of Connecticut ranked each state based on the policies and practices it put in place to protect high school athletes. The study ranked the states on a scale of zero to 20 in five different categories — appropriate healthcare coverage, exertional heat stroke, emergency preparedness, sudden cardiac arrest and traumatic head injuries.

New Jersey scored a 79.03, followed by North Carolina (78.75). Colorado (23) finished at the bottom, behind California (26) and Montana (33.25). Click here to find a link to each state’s individual report card.

“We are very encouraged by the positive changes that have occurred across the nation,” said Douglas Casa, CEO of the Korey Stringer Institute and a professor of Kinesiology at the University of Connecticut, told the USA Today Network. “However, we need to continue to be vigilant. We are fully committed to working with individual states on adopting these important guidelines.”

Click the graphic below to see where your state ranks.

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