New App movr Build Offers Evidence-Based Workouts

The movement health company movr ( announced today the release of movr Build. The fourth B2B SaaS technology released by movr since 2022, Build joins movr Assess, Prescribe and Analyze to round out the company’s movement health suite of products. Working both independently and together, movr’s products integrate into partner platforms, creating full-stack movement health solutions for health, tactical, and fitness organizations.

movr Build connects movement health assessment data with a person’s health goals, needs, and preferred exercise programming to create effective workouts tailored to each person. In addition to customization and personalization options, movr curates recommended workouts for both individuals and organizations.

movr“Build is an extension of our core philosophy to personalize movement health for everybody and every body,” said movr CEO and Founder Aaron De Jong. “We are not releasing another standard workout creator. We connect our back end with assessment data and individual goals and preferences to give organizations the ability to deliver more effective, evidence-based workouts and programming, serving a variety of movement health needs.”

movr differentiates itself from fitness content platforms with template-based workouts by focusing on scaling personalized solutions for MSK and movement health. By intelligently improving how people move, movr’s digital model not only improves engagement but also effectively tackles MSK conditions caused by a wide range of lifestyle, movement, and training factors.

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“What Build does differently is connect the dots between data and people where a coach may have been required before,” continued De Jong. “We are prescriptive with our partners to ensure that they are delivering the most effective workout experiences rooted in functional movement principles while providing opportunities for customization on their end. Build is fully automated and enables scaling opportunities that haven’t been available for this level of hyper-personalization.”

movr Build also has a library of 300+ corrective exercises and integrates with existing exercise libraries. To learn more, please reach out: [email protected]

About movr: 

movr personalizes movement health for everybody and every body, measurably improving how people move, feel and perform. To learn more about movr’s Movement Health as a service offerings, please visit: