Nevada school board candidate calls for prep football ban

April 28, 2016 / Athletic AdministrationFootball
A Nevada school board candidate believes that football should be banned from the nation’s fifth-largest district, arguing that the sport poses too many health risks for young athletes.

footballThe story comes from USA Today, which published the article Wednesday. Russell Davis, who is running for the Clark County School Board of Trustees, said that youth and high school athletes should not be given the opportunity to play football. He believes that NFL players are adults capable of making decisions, but high school athletes should not be put in a position to make such choices.

Davis also believes headers should be banned from soccer and all coaches and staff should have concussion protocol training. USA Today called Davis the first candidate in the nation to run on banning football.

From the article:

“This decision doesn’t come lightly because I am a fan of football,” Davis told USA TODAY Sports. “High school football in the small town in Nevada where I grew up was the biggest thing to do on a Friday night. It pains me, but I believe it’s the right thing to do. …

“I believe the human brain is not designed to play football. The brain does not have an airbag between the brain and the skull. There is no equipment to protect the brain and especially the developing brain.”

Davis told USA Today that the district should also refuse to play against the county’s private schools and public or private schools outside the county that do not adhere to the district’s safety protocols.

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